Breast Reduction

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Women with larger breasts often experience back pain, struggle to find clothing that fits well, and sometimes can’t participate in certain physical activities without discomfort. Larger breasts may also cause self-consciousness and a lack of confidence about your figure. John David Mullins, MD PC, has decades of experience performing breast-reduction surgery that improves painful symptoms and reshapes your contours for a stunning new look. To find out if you’re a candidate for breast reduction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mullins at his Atlanta, Georgia, office on the campus of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. Call the office or request an appointment online today.


What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size of large, heavy, or pendulous breasts. Breast reduction is most often performed to help women who suffer from back or shoulder pain due to their breast size. However, breast reduction is also available to women who wish to reduce the size of their breasts for aesthetic reasons.

What are the benefits of breast reduction?

When Dr. Mullins performs breast reduction, he removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin to make your breasts smaller and more proportionate to the rest of your body. This can alleviate back and neck pain and inflammation while improving the look of your silhouette. 

Breast reduction can also address other concerns, such as:

  • Adjusting breast shape
  • Repositioning nipple level
  • Correcting asymmetry

Women who have breast reduction often find that it’s easier to perform daily tasks and participate in certain activities, such as exercise. And a well-proportioned figure can help you feel less self-conscious about your body.

What happens during breast-reduction surgery?

Dr. Mullins performs breast-reduction procedures in a surgical setting under general anesthesia. Typically, he makes a single, circular incision around the areola, through which he removes excess breast tissue. He then removes any excess skin and repositions the nipple before suturing the incision closed.

How long does recovery take after breast-reduction surgery?

Many patients can go home the same day as their breast-reduction surgery, but sometimes an overnight stay is required. You can expect swelling and discomfort, and you’ll need to wear bandaging and supportive clothing during your recovery. Dr. Mullins gives you prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics, as well as detailed instructions for at-home care. 

Typically, patients can resume work and other daily activities 1-2 weeks after their surgery. However, Dr. Mullins may restrict you from strenuous activity for up to four weeks. 

It can take a few months for the swelling to completely subside. When healing is complete, you can enjoy life without back pain or self-consciousness. Your smaller breasts look natural and shapely, for a lovely new silhouette and renewed confidence in your appearance.

If you suffer from painful symptoms because of your larger breasts but have concerns about costs, the office team at John David Mullins, MD PC, can help. They aggressively pursue approval from your insurance company so you can get the relief you seek. Call the office to learn more or request an appointment online today.